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Session Details

QHHT Session Basics

A QHHT session can be a long day, 3-5 hours typically, but it can be longer. It is good to give yourself the full day. You need unencumbered time to go through the session and time to process afterwards. A QHHT session is composed of three parts: the pre-hypnosis interview (1-2 hours or more), the recorded hypnosis session (2 hours) and the post-hypnosis debrief (10-30 minutes). Let's break down each part...

Pre-hypnosis Interview: We talk. I need to get to know you as well as I can in order to speak to your Spirit and get the answers and healing. I need to understand what you are struggling with now and what you have struggled with in the past so we can get all the healing and information you may need during the hypnosis. In the interview we come up with/edit your list of questions. The first hour (or more) of the interview is pure listening as you take me into your world, the second half involves writing or rewriting your list of questions for your Higher Self. We refine and prioritize what you may need from the session. Sometimes this is obvious and easy, other times this is harder to pinpoint. The more specific the questions the better your answers will be. It is also important to have one or two priorities. This way we can spend the time in hypnosis where you need it most. You are welcome to have many other questions but depending on the way your Spirit communicates, we may only get to a few of them, this is why it is important tonlist them in order of relevance. The interview and writing of the questions also primes your Spirit. Sometimes, as Spirit takes over the hypnosis session, it simply goes down your list answering questions before I even ask!

The Hypnosis: this consists of four parts: the induction,  past scenes, accessing the Higher Self and bringing the client out of hypnosis. The induction is like a guided meditation. We get the right side of the brain nice and warmed up. This is the part of the brain that is associated with intuition and imagery. This is the doorway to Spirit. Once the signs of trance are apparent we ask your Higher Self to take you to an appropriate time and place that will help you in the very best way. The scene that you visit could be anything; a scene from your current life's past, a past life, something in the possible future or I have even had Spirit show the client something completely imaginary but necessary for the client to experience. Your Spirit is driving the bus now and you can just enjoy the ride. We usually go to three important scenes to look at and examine. These scenes are the bridge to speaking directly with your Higher Self. As you use all five senses in your trance state during your interaction in your important scenes, your consciousness expands into a dimension where we can visit directly with Spirit. Next, I access your Spirit directly and ask all the questions on your list. It is a wild experience. I will be speaking with your Higher Self about you in third person. You will be answering me in third person. Here we ask for the healing and get as much detail as we can about your priority questions and then your remaining questions. At 2 hours, I bring you out of trance.

Post Hypnosis Debrief: After the hypnosis, you may remember very little. What you do remember may fade like a dream. If you remember everything, that's good, your Spirit wanted you more conscious for the experience. Spirit takes you to the level of trance that is best for you and your spiritual progression. I will give you a recording of the entire hypnosis session along with your Spirit's listening recommendations (which are given before I end the hypnosis). At this point, I will talk to you about doubt. This experience is so outside your conscious mind's reality and beliefs that doubts will naturally seep in. That's ok. I just ask that you make a conscious choice to heal instead of letting your natural skepticism take over. You can put the doubt in front of you and choose,"'Do I want to go with doubt or do I want to go with healing?".   Our thoughts are powerful and doubt can filter the results of your session. This is one reason the recording is so important. As you listen to the recording, you will remember the experience and the healing will become more real and more present in your mind. This reinforcement is always available if doubt creeps in. After the session, we can talk about all the answers, healings and scenes visited for as long as you like but usually you are ready for some quiet pondering and some food in your belly! I will make sure I have your number and follow up a few days later with a text. I am usually so excited for you at this point and awestruck with the greatness of your Spirit!

QHHT Session Rates

I charge $300 per session no matter how long it takes. QHHT sessions average 3-5 hours but it is important not to put time restraints on this process. This is so important, please give yourself the day and I will too.

I charge $150 If you would like to come back for another session and have chosen to use a keyword to make it easier to slip into a deep state of trance. The session will not take as long. I can still do 2 hours of hypnosis but the interview and induction will be brief.

Forms of payment can be check, cash or venmo.

*If rate is too high for you, please contact me for payment plan or trade. Your healing is the most important thing and there should be no reason to put this off.

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