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Session Preparation

The Week Before:

The week/weeks before your session I recommend soul searching in order to prepare your list of questions for your Higher Self to answer. Sit quietly, journal, take long walks. Ask your Higher Self what you need most from this session and listen for the answer. Nothing specific may come to mind. The point is to open the intention to work with your Spirit, together (whether you are conscious of it or not) you can draw out your priorities for the session.  Once you make your QHHT appointment, your Spirit is on go. It knows it will have the chance to communicate with you directly and will be working closely with you in the weeks ahead in anticipation.

Question topics can include...

Physical problems: pain, dysfunction, abnormalities, annoyances, medications etc...

Personal issues: emotional pain, relationship struggles, insecurities, fears, stress, anxiety or sadness.

Life path: career, purpose, travel, money etc...

Curiosities: angels, guides, passed loved ones, past lives,E.T.s, other dimensions etc...

The Day Before:

1) Refine your list of Questions. Make sure your questions are as specific as possible and you know what your priorities are. If you feel uncertain, don't worry, as we talk in the interview we will get your list into shape!

2) Try to stay away from alcohol or caffeine. The more clear and relaxed your mind can be, the better!

3) Trust and Relax. Once you have made the appointment, you are off the hook. There is nothing you can do to prevent a great session and there is nothing you can do to make it happen. Spirit will dictate the rest, you can just enjoy the ride!

The Day Of:

1) Wear comfy clothes. During the actual hypnosis you will be lying in a bed as though you are taking a wonderful nap. The theta brain wave is accessed easily this way. It is as natural as taking a nap! Wear something you can be comfortable enough to sleep in.

2) Try to refrain from coffee. I start my appointments in the morning so I don't want caffeine to create any distraction from the process. You can have a double shot after the session!

3)What to Bring:

     *Your list of questions

     *Water and snack (I will have a selection but you are welcome to bring your favorites!)

     *USB memory stick  for your recording (I will have one for you if you don't, no problem)

    What not to bring:

     *Your phone (sorry, but you need to leave this in the car, it's just a QHHT problem...checking it on

                              bathroom breaks etc...we need to stay in our QHHT world)

     *Other people (this is a confidential personal experience just for you. It will be your decision to   

                                 share your recording with others but no one is allowed to be in the session other

                                 than you and I!)

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