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Anything Can Be Healed

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

What is QHHT

Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique

 QHHT is a bridge. It is a bridge from your limited conscious waking mind to your vast but subtle infinite Spirit. This is possible and natural. Mystics, shamans, gurus and psychics all tap into this bigger knowing within themselves all the time. This is your 6th sense and this field of wisdom that we can access, I call Spirit.  With QHHT there is  a clear and direct path to access it. QHHT utilizes the theta brain wave which is present when we dream. We enter this brain wave state naturally at least twice a day when we enter and wake from sleep. This brain wave is also associated with deep meditation, profound healing and intuition. As the theta brain wave is induced, your Spirit (Higher Self) becomes more and more apparent until we can actually speak to it directly. Here the deep healing can occur. We are able to ask any question and ask for any kind of healing under the sun. These are your questions, not mine. I do not come up with questions or plant any kind of suggestions. I am merely the guide for you to be able to speak to your Higher Spirit and get the answers and healing you need. You are part of and taken care of by something much greater that only has your highest good in mind. I feel beyond blessed to witness the miracles that Spirit delivers each session. I am so grateful to Delores Cannon for delivering this method into our hands and transforming our way of thinking about health and healing. Mental end emotional health affects our physicality and if we can get out from under our limiting beliefs, fears, attachments and heal trauma from our past, our minds can find greater ease which leaves our bodies in more harmony and less stressed. Inner conflict that goes unresolved for years can impact health on so many levels. How wonderful to have a direct line to our greater consciousness to understand and resolve these issues at the core. All you need is an open mind. Miracles are possible!

What is QHHT



It can help with

so many things but here are a few


Fears are difficult to overcome. Even though they may seem irrational, they cause tremendous suffering. With QHHT we can often find out how these fears began and completely uproot them. Sometimes Spirit gently shows the mind how to experience the fear differently. Your Spirit always knows what you can handle and what will work best for you.


Trauma is deeply emotional and is painful to release. It gets stored tightly in your heart and in your gut, creating disturbing energy blocks. This is uncomfortable to live with but almost more uncomfortable to let come to the surface for release. QHHT is so helpful here. Your Higher Self guides you safely through this process. It knows exactly where the dark energy is and can heal it from the inside out. Sometimes Spirit will take you back to the traumatic event if this is what you want or need, but your perspective is different. You can watch the scene unfold like a movie, you do not have to experience anything but you can get your answers and your clarity. I have even had the Higher Self help with rewriting the traumatizing moment. You get to decide what you would have wanted to experience instead and this becomes your emotional history even though the events have not changed. If the pain has served its purpose, the compassion and wisdom from the experience will remain and the pain can be released. This is Quantum Healing.


Sometimes we feel stuck and we don't know why. Things are not moving or progressing in our life and we feel frustrated or even hopeless. Many times this has to do with a core belief. Self love may be lacking. Being plagued with harsh self judgement or even self loathing can be absolutely suffocating and paralyzing. We hold ourselves back energetically because we don't believe in ourselves. This is a big one for the Higher Self. Almost every session includes healing in this department. Internal love and acceptance are vitally important. We are so hard on ourselves and Spirit needs us to embrace our beingness in order to find peace and thrive.

QHHT can be very helpful when we need answers. There might be a period of time in your life that you cannot remember but you know something happened. Our conscious mind will block certain things from our memory for different reasons. Sometimes we just need answers. It might just be a nagging curiosity. Your Spirit can guide you through these mysteries and reveal the appropriate information according to what your present needs and wishes may be. The questions are there for a reason. It usually means you are ready for more information. I am so glad there is a way to access this lost knowledge and fill in the missing pieces when the time is right.

We all want to know our life's pupose. But for some, who are not sure if their life has any meaning, this answer becomes desperately needed. Spirit usually answers this gigantic question that has many many layers and dimensions in just the right bite size piece that will suit the specific needs for the present time and understanding. Everyone is here for a reason. There is a plan, this is very clear.

Physical Health

The effects of QHHT on physical health is fascinating. The results are miraculous and undeniable. QHHT practitioners have written books about their experiences with this. Julia Cannon has mapped out the correlating physical problems caused by unresolved mental or emotional pain that comes up over and over again in QHHT sessions. Anything is possible in healing the physical body. Spirit holds the keys to the body's blueprints, the DNA, the stem cells which can be stimulated to regrow any kind of cell. We can correct any damage or dysfunction happening in the body as long as it is beneficial for your life path and the mind is open to letting go of the past and embracing the possibility of healing.


“I love how I am feeling, have felt after our session. Healing occured. I am still experiencing healing from it. I recognize it and I sense it and I feel it...”


Meet Sarah

Hi! My name is Sarah Charles and I am very excited that you have found this information and may be ready for this amazing transformative experience! I'll bet you are wondering how I got into this QHHT world. Here is a quick bio:

I am by nature an introvert, always thinking deeply about causes and wanting to figure things out. Feeling more comfortable in quiet places away from social pressures, spirituality was my companion and ultimate puzzle to pursue. I achieved a bachelor's degree from a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania before moving out west to attend a massage therapy college. I knew I had found my calling with massage. Being able to to help people get out of pain was everything! I have been a massage therapist since 2001. I have studied many modalities and have had a private practice since 2006. I knew, however, that some of my clients' pain came from deeper mental and emotional stress that I could not alleviate. This is difficult. I hate the idea of people walking around in constant pain with no way out. I think my soul asked enough times for deeper answers and deeper healing for my clients that Dolores Cannon's QHHT started crossing my path.  In 2014, my universe was deconstructed. I lost my little brother and the following month my house flooded 2 feet. My family, my home and my business (I worked from home) felt shattered. This was my awakening, my existential crisis. I was desperate to make sense of or figure out how to deal with the chaos. Old wounds were brought to the surface and I had no choice but to face old demons and the illusion of identity. QHHT and shamanic journeys were my saving grace. Who knows where I would be today if I were not allowed to work through this dark night of the soul and get to the freedom on the other side. I could dive as deep as I needed into my own pain and the nature of reality to get my answers and my healing. After my QHHT training through level two in 2016 and working with over 100 people in my first few years, I have seen such a variety of clients and I continue to be in awe after each session! I feel absolutely blessed to be able to help people in this special way. Always learning more from Spirit. "Anything can be healed", Spirit said with such calm during a beautiful session. This made me feel such ease and peace that I wish I could give it to everyone, everywhere.


Meet Sarah

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